Terms & Conditions for the IKEA Assembly Category

By voluntarily opting-in to the Taskrabbit IKEA Assembly category, you agree and accept these additional Terms and Conditions, which are hereby incorporated into the Taskrabbit Terms of Service located at https://www.taskrabbit.ca/terms.


As a participant in the IKEA Assembly category, you agree:

  • To complete a brief information session which explains how the category works to facilitate relationships between Taskers and IKEA customers, which you can find here
  • You agree that, except as expressly modified herein, your provision of all services, including the IKEA Tasks, shall continue to be subject to Taskrabbit’s Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy and all other applicable terms and conditions, which you acknowledge you have read and agree to. 
  • To follow the IKEA assembly instructions (and any IKEA assembly plan, if applicable) for each IKEA product, including securing or mounting furniture to a wall whenever instructed by the IKEA assembly instructions. The specific location and all other such issues should be directed by the IKEA customer.
  • At all times, during performance of an IKEA Task you will secure a safe working environment and ensure that the IKEA Task is performed in such a way to prevent any risk of injury or death to yourself and the IKEA customer and any others present at the location of the IKEA Task.
  • To bring all tools necessary to perform the Task entrusted to you, including a drill capable of anchoring furniture to the wall, charged and ready to use.
  • To only bring other Taskers to an IKEA Task who have also opted into the IKEA Assembly category via the Taskrabbit platform.
  • That an auto-assignment functionality will be used to match you with IKEA customers seeking IKEA assembly services. 
  • To provide services to IKEA customers for a flat set rate which will vary by product. This will in no way impact your ability to set your own rates and handle Tasks posted by Clients outside of the IKEA Assembly category. You can opt out of the IKEA Assembly category at any time.
  • And acknowledge that violating these Terms and Conditions, or the Taskrabbit Terms of Service, may result in your removal from the IKEA Assembly category, the Taskrabbit Platform, or both. Further, you will be liable for any damages resulting from your failure to comply and your Tasks will no longer be eligible for cover by the Taskrabbit Happiness Pledge.


When you accept tasks booked by IKEA customers via the IKEA Assembly Category on the Taskrabbit platform (www.taskrabbit.ca), you hereby also agree:

  • And acknowledge that when acting as a Tasker for assigned Tasks booked by IKEA customers via the IKEA Assembly category on the Taskrabbit platform:
    • it is Taskrabbit’s role as a marketplace to support the connection of IKEA customers with the Tasker;
    • IKEA customers connected with you are your Clients; and
    • you are not an employee or consultant of Taskrabbit or IKEA.  


When you accept prepaid tasks booked by IKEA customers in an IKEA store or via ikea.ca, you hereby also agree:

  • And acknowledge that Taskrabbit is subcontracting your services, as an independent contractor, for the purposes of fulfilling assembly services for IKEA which IKEA is reselling to IKEA customers who have booked and paid for such assembly services either in an IKEA store or via ikea.ca.
  • You are not an employee of Taskrabbit or IKEA.

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