IKEA Reactivation Incentive (UK)


Taskrabbit is offering an incentive (the “Offer”) between Monday 22 August 2022 and Sunday 02 October 2022  inclusive (the “Incentive Period”) to Taskers who previously had billed at least once on the Taskrabbit platform (“Eligible Taskers”).


To qualify for this incentive the Eligible Tasker must complete three Tasks within the Incentive Period, whereupon a £40 incentive will be awarded (the “Initial Incentive”). Furthermore an additional £20 per invoice is payable for any additional Tasks completed in the same Incentive Period (up to a maximum of 3 additional payments) (the “Additional Incentive”). The Initial Incentive and the Additional Incentive, together the “Incentives”. The maximum Incentives payout for the Incentive Period is £100 upon the invoicing of an aggregate of 6 Tasks in the IKEA Assembly category. Eligible Taskers can qualify for the Incentive until the conclusion of the Incentive at 23:59 on Sunday 02 October 2022.


Terms and conditions

  1. The Offer is open to any United Kingdom resident Taskers based in London, Manchester, Birmingham, or Reading who previously had billed in the IKEA category on the Taskrabbit platform between 01 February 2021 and 30 June 2022 (inclusive) (“Eligible Taskers”).
  2. Eligible Taskers who submit three (3) invoices in the IKEA Assembly category within the Incentive Period will qualify for the £40 incentive (the “Initial Incentive”) and any Eligible Taskers who go on to submit, within the same Incentive Period, invoices in the IKEA Assembly category on top of the initial three (3), will receive a further £20 for each additional invoice, up to a maximum of 3 such additional invoices (“Additional Incentive”). The Initial Incentive and the Additional Incentive, together the “Incentives”.
  3. Eligible Taskers will be informed within one week of qualifying for the Incentives.
  4. The maximum Incentive payout that an Eligible Tasker will be eligible for in the Incentive Period following the invoicing of an aggregate of six (6) Tasks. 
  5. The Offer is open from Monday, 22 August 2022 up to and including Sunday, 02 October 2022.
  6. The Incentives will then be processed upon conclusion of the Incentive Period for payment into the Tasker’s bank account (details provided by the Tasker via the Taskrabbit platform registration) and should reach the Tasker’s bank account within 5-7 working days. No substitution, transfer, or other payment of the Incentives shall be given.
  7. The Incentives are a one-time payment and only applicable to Eligible Taskers who have met the eligibility criteria mentioned above. Eligible Taskers are able to qualify for the Incentives at any time during which the Offer is running, concluding on Sunday, 02 October 2022.
  8. Taskrabbit is not responsible for any disputed Task completion or late invoice submissions. Eligibility for the Offer is at Taskrabbit’s sole discretion.
  9. There must be no violation of Taskrabbit’s Terms of Service in order to be eligible for the Offer. Any attempt to obtain more than multiple Incentives by a Tasker (other than as permitted by these terms and conditions), whether by the registration of multiple accounts or other attempts to “game” the Offer, will be considered invalid and a violation of the terms of this Offer.
  10. Disputes in connection with this Offer will be governed by the Dispute Resolution Process contained in Taskrabbit’s Terms of Service.

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