Tasker Referral Program

The Tasker Referral Program means you can earn money for each new Tasker you refer to our platform! Current Referral Reward amounts can be viewed in the app when you go to your profile and click “Invite friends, earn cash.”

Capitalized terms used but not otherwise defined have their meanings set out in the Referral Terms and Conditions, which can be found here.

How it works:

  • Each Friend can only be referred once.
  • The referred Friend must register and invoice their first task on the Platform before a Referral Reward can be sent to you. 
  • You should receive your Referral Reward 2-3 business days after the referred Friend’s first invoice is submitted.
  • Referral Reward amounts are subject to change and may vary depending on the city, region or country in which you or a referred Friend are based. Any Referral Reward will be based on the referred Friend’s location. 
  • The Referral Reward amount applicable shall be determined based on the time of the Valid Referral.
  • Elite Taskers may be eligible for a higher Referral Reward. Elite Taskers shall only be eligible for a higher Referral Reward provided that they have an Elite status at the time of any Valid Referral.
  • Only the Existing Tasker shall be eligible for any Referral Reward.
  • You can only refer a Friend who is located in your country and this referral Program is only available in select locations.
  • Taskers must be in good standing with Taskrabbit according to our Terms of Service to be eligible for the Program.

Note—For tax purposes, any Referral Reward payouts will be included with your earnings, so if applicable remember to account for that on your taxes. You can find that information by downloading your Transaction History.

To find your referral code and see a list of your past referrals:

  • In the Tasker app, click “Profile” from the bottom navigation bar.
  • Click “Invite friends, earn cash.”
  • Either copy the referral code or click the button to share directly through your messaging app of choice.

From the “Refer friends” screen above, you can also see a list of your past referrals and their statuses. There are two possible statuses:

  • Account created means your referred Friend has created their account.
  • Paid means you have received that Referral Reward!

Referrals will only show in this listing after your referred Friend has set up their Tasker account.

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