I Booked in the Store, So How Do I Access My IKEA Assembly Task?

If you heard about Taskrabbit at an IKEA store and prepaid for your assembly service, you should have an email titled "Your Upcoming IKEA Assembly." Click the link in that email to create your Taskrabbit account and view your assembly details!

If you’re new to Taskrabbit and need to log on for the first time:

  • Navigate to the Taskrabbit app and tap “Login.”
  • Tap “Create Password” near the bottom of the screen.
  • Enter your email address and tap “Set Password.” This will send an email with instructions to set your password.
  • In the “Set Password” email, click on the link and follow the steps. Once your password is set, you’ll be able to log in and chat with your Tasker.

Contacting your Tasker lets you discuss the task’s details with them, including things they should know before the task starts, like where they should park. Taskers rely on the chat thread to help them determine the scope of your task and stay in touch until the task is completed.

To chat or call your Tasker on Taskrabbit app:

  • Navigate to the Taskrabbit app and log in.
  • Select the “Tasks” tab from the bottom navigation.
  • On the "Scheduled" tab, click the “Chat” button listed next to your task. From there, you can chat with your Tasker or call them by selecting the phone icon.

Keep in mind — everything related to your task should be documented in writing, so the chat thread is the best place to communicate.

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