How Do I Get More Tasks?

If you haven’t received any tasks or you're not receiving as many as you'd like, here are some tips to improve your chances of getting invitations:

  • Make sure your account isn’t paused.

  • Extend your Work Area Map, if possible! This can open up more task opportunities.

  • Add more Availability to your calendar. If you mark yourself as unavailable, you won’t show up in Client search results and won’t receive task invitations. Make sure to set your Availability only for times when you can actually complete tasks. Please note, Taskers usually need to have three consecutive hours of availability to show up in searches.

  • Add any skills you're comfortable tasking in. Offering everything you’re able to do increases your visibility to Clients.

  • Put more detail into your quick pitches—this will help set you apart from other Taskers.

  • Adjust your rates to be more competitive. The pricing guidance feature in the “Skills & Rates” section of the app is based on your experience level and the prices Clients are booking Tasks at in your area.

  • Set your Same Day preferences and toggle on Same Day Invitations. This toggle resets at midnight each night, so be sure you turn it back on any time you want to accept same day tasks!

Please note

Clients will see a list of Taskers based on a range of criteria. This list of Taskers is based on an algorithm that considers factors like Tasker availability, work area map, category, price, and business metrics. 

Lastly, Taskrabbit’s marketplace experiences seasonal changes depending on the time of the year. Task demand can fluctuate based on geography, season, local events or holidays, and Client behavior.

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