I’d Like To Understand The Fees On My Task’s Invoice

In addition to your Tasker’s hourly rate, tasks are subject to the Taskrabbit Service fee and our Trust & Support fee.

The Service fee is a percentage of the total price for your task, excluding any reimbursements made to the Tasker. 

Taskrabbit also applies a Trust & Support fee to invoices. The Trust & Support fee helps to support:

  • The Taskrabbit Happiness Pledge
  • Operational and safety measures to protect users
  • Providing stellar Customer Support within the platform to ensure your tasks are completed up to standard

Expenses are not subject to either of these fees. Taskers always receive 100% of any expenses and tips.


Please note, in light of recent changes to California law, we’ve updated how pricing is shown to California clients. California task invoices do not have a Trust & Support fee reflected on invoices and are only shown a Service Fee.

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