How Do I Contact My Tasker?

To chat or call your Tasker on Taskrabbit app:

  • Tap “Tasks” on the app's bottom navigation.
  • Tap "Chat" on the task. This will bring you to the task's chat thread, where you can send messages and photos to your Tasker.
    • If you want to call your Tasker, tap the phone icon at the bottom left of the chat screen.

To chat with your Tasker on the web:

  • Log into your TaskRabbit account.
  • On your dashboard, you'll see your current tasks.
  • Click the photo of your Tasker to open the chat.

Keep in mind—The chat thread allows for secure communication through the Taskrabbit platform and is the cornerstone of a task’s success. So that everything related to your task is documented in writing, chat should be your primary communication.

Once you’ve booked your task, Taskers need to respond by 9 pm on future tasks and within 1 hour on Same Day tasks.

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