Right to Request or Delete Data - CCPA

The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”), enacted in 2018, provides rights to California residents to know, delete and opt-out, and requires business collecting or disclosing personal information to provide notice of rights California residents have and can exercise.  

This article addresses questions you might have about CCPA and Taskrabbit, particularly with respect to CA residents’ right to request and delete data and the sale of personal information.  

Requesting Data:

CCPA grants California residents the right to know certain information about our data practices in the preceding 12 months.  In particular, you, or your verified authorized representative, have the right to request from us the categories of personal information collected or disclosed by us, for what purpose such personal information is being collected or disclosed, and the specific pieces of personal information we have collected about you.  Subject to verification, Taskrabbit will provide an electronic copy of requested personal information (by either you or an authorized agent) to our California Users free of charge, upon written request.

Deleting Data:

Under CCPA guidelines, California residents also have the right to delete the data we have about them. This means they can request that a company erase all personal information associated with them.  Companies have forty-five (45) days to respond to a request. It’s important to note that this right is not absolute and doesn’t apply in all circumstances. For example, information that Taskrabbit is required by law to retain, or that it needs for the establishment or defense of legal claims, is not subject to deletion.

If you are a California resident wishing to request or delete your personal information, contact Customer Support via this form or email privacy@taskrabbit.com. Please note: Requesting the deletion of your data will also deactivate your account.

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