I’d Like To Understand The Fees On My Task’s Invoice

In addition to your Tasker’s hourly rate, all invoices will contain the Taskrabbit Service fee and our Trust & Support fee.

The Service fee is a percentage of the total price you pay for your task, excluding any reimbursements made to the Tasker. This fee is included within the hourly cost line item on the invoice.

Taskrabbit applies a Trust & Support fee to all invoices. You'll see this fee as a separate item on your receipt once the task is complete. 

The Trust & Support fee helps to support:

  • The Taskrabbit Happiness Pledge
  • Operational and safety measures to protect users
  • Providing stellar Customer Support within the platform to ensure your tasks are completed up to standard

Please note, expenses are not subject to this either of these fees. Taskers always receive 100% of any expenses reimbursements and tips.

Lastly, other taxes may apply to your invoice depending on your task location, like VAT.

More information about the Trust & Support Fee can be found here. More information about the service fee can be found here

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