What's Required to Become an Elite Tasker in Metro Tiers?

To achieve Elite status, you must meet all the following criteria:

Eligibility criteria:

  • Invoice at least 10 tasks per month
  • Having invoiced a minimum of 50 tasks in a category and 200 tasks since joining the platform
  • Place within the top 15% of Taskers for invitations to invoices ratio (the new Performance Score)
  • Avoiding any violations of our Terms of Service 

Violations of our
Terms of Service and Tasker Best Practices within the past 90 days may disqualify you from the Elite program.

Please note, the eligibility criteria are within a Tasker’s ability to control, so there is no need to dispute an Elite status! Now Taskers can focus on what they do best: providing outstanding service to their Clients. 

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