Expense Limits

To promote the safety of our community, Taskrabbit limits the expenses that can be added to an invoice in the following categories:

  • Errands (this includes Shopping & Delivery categories) - $250
  • Help Moving, Truck-Assisted Help Moving, Full-Service Help Moving, Heavy Lifting & Loading - $150
  • Cleaning - $100
  • Mounting - $100
  • Furniture Assembly - $100
  • Personal Assistant/Executive Assistant - $350

How expense limits work: When you submit your invoice, you won’t be able to add expenses beyond the above-listed amount in the app, and won’t be able to recoup costs over those limits from Taskrabbit.

Taskers are still required to obtain pre-authorization from Taskrabbit for purchases over $300, especially in categories where no expense limits are in place or when the expense limit is more than $300.

You can set yourself up for success with expense limits by:

  • Scoping any anticipated expenses with your Client thoroughly:
    • Ask if your Client needs you to purchase anything before the task.
    • Ask your Client to pre-pay for any on-task purchases (i.e. Purchasing the items online for the Tasker to pick up). 
    • Plan ahead for unanticipated task expenses. (i.e. Making sure your client knows to be available during your task to make purchases.)
    • For more information on Tasker scoping, check out this Support Center Article.

  • Making your hourly rates cost-inclusive to account for any recurring task expenses like gas, vehicle maintenance, and personal protective equipment. 
  • Document receipts and have written confirmation of any expensed items in the chat thread. 
    • Remember that our policy does not allow the mentioning of any vehicle fees in Moving-related chat threads. For more info on this policy, check out this Support Center Article.

To learn more about preventing fraud while tasking, check out this Support Center Article.

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