My Tasker Is Late, What Should I Do?

We're so sorry to hear your Tasker is running late. If your Tasker hasn’t let you know or hasn’t provided a new estimated time of arrival, please try contacting your Tasker within the task’s chat thread for an update. Keep in mind—so everything related to your task is documented in writing, chat should be your primary communication.

To chat or call your Tasker on Taskrabbit app:

  • Tap “Tasks” on the app's bottom navigation.
  • Tap "Chat" on the relevant task to go to the task's chat thread.
  • If you want to call your Tasker, tap the phone icon at the bottom left of the chat screen.

To chat with your Tasker on the web:

  • Login to your Taskrabbit account.
  • On your dashboard, you'll see your current tasks.
  • Click the photo of your Tasker to open the chat.

If your Tasker doesn't reply, we suggest making a note of this in your task's chat thread and canceling the task. We know your time is important, so if this Tasker doesn’t show up, you may want to hire a new, replacement Tasker or reschedule or rehire your current Tasker. 

Keep in mind while booking that we can't guarantee Taskers will be available for same-day tasks.

Don't worryyou're not invoiced until a task is complete, so you won't be charged for canceling because your Tasker didn't arrive.

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