Why Should I Use the Chat Thread?

One of the most important tools the Tasker App offers is the chat thread. Unless you're speaking with your Client in person, we suggest utilizing the task’s chat thread to keep track of important conversations about task details, commitments, and receipts.

The chat thread can be used to document:

  • Proof of commitments: If there is ever a dispute between a Tasker and a Client, the chat thread can help Customer Support assess the situation. Taskrabbit can view all chat threads, so remember to think of them as a running record for each task.
  • Expenses and receipts: For agreed-upon expenses, we recommend taking photos of receipts as soon as you get them. This protects you if you lose any receipts.
  • Time tracking: Beneath every phone call, photo, and text that you send in the chat thread, there is an automatic time stamp that displays the date and time that it was sent. This helps you keep track of when you started and ended your task or if you took any breaks so you can accurately invoice your Clients for the hours you worked. It also keeps your Clients up-to-date on your progress.
  • Photos: Before, after, and during a task, you can privately exchange photos with your Clients. This can help you estimate a task’s scope, share updates with your Clients, and deliver great customer service.
  • Protected Voice Calls: You and your Client can make calls through the Tasker app. Phone calls through the app are redirected through a third-party phone number to protect your privacy. So, there's no need to exchange personal contact information—all communication can be done right in the app

Remember the chat thread displays timestamps beneath every form of communication—take advantage of this! Using the chat thread is a great way to keep records of the work you’ve accomplished, and messages and photos can serve as proof of your work in the event of a dispute.

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