Expenses and Category Limits

Taskrabbit is limiting the amount of expenses that can be added to an invoice for tasks in the following categories: 

  • Errands (this includes Shopping & Delivery categories): £300
  • Help Moving: £450
  • Full Service Moving: £500
  • Cleaning: £250
  • Executive Assistant: £150

How will expense limits work? 

When your Tasker submits their invoice they will not be able to add expenses beyond the capped amount for the category.


How to make sure your task stays within category expense limits?

Scope your task’s anticipated expenses with your Tasker thoroughly before the task. 

Scoping can look like: 

  • Asking your Tasker if they need you to purchase anything before the task.
  • Discussing a plan ahead of time for unanticipated task expenses. (i.e. Making sure you are available during your task to make purchases if needed.)

Communicating with your Tasker about the potential costs associated with your task will help ensure your task goes smoothly. 


Pre-Pay for anticipated costs ahead of time. 

Pre-payment can look like: 

  • Buying items online and having your Tasker pick up and deliver them. 
  • Calling the store ahead of time and paying for items over the phone. 

Paying for supplies ahead of time and then clearly communicating your expectations with your Tasker will help make sure your task is successful every time. 


How do I chat with my Tasker? Check out this Support Center Article  to learn how to chat with your Tasker in the app or web. 


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