How Do I Apply Promo Codes?

To apply promo codes on the Taskrabbit app:

  • Begin booking your task.
  • Once you reach the "Review and confirm" page, click “Add code" to add your promo code.
  • Select "Confirm and chat" to finish booking your task.

To apply promo codes on the web:

  • Begin booking your task until you reach the "Confirm Details" page.
  • Under the payment details, click "Promo Code" to enter your code.

Keep in mind:

  • Promo codes only apply to a Tasker's hourly rate. It doesn't cover additional expenses or tips.
  • Applying a promo code doesn't affect your Tasker’s pay.
  • There's a limit of one promo code per task.
  • Each code can only be used one time per account.

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