Furniture Assembly Task Tips for Clients

There are several ways to set yourself and your Tasker up for success for an upcoming Furniture Assembly task. In this article, we'll share some advice and tips that you may find useful!

After selecting your Tasker, it’ll help to communicate directly in the chat thread before the task takes place to ensure you both have all the necessary details for everything to go smoothly. 

Below are some points you can share with your Tasker to help effectively plan a Furniture Assembly task:

  • The pieces of furniture that you need to be assembled.
  • Where the furniture is from — it’s helpful to send your Tasker the product link so they know what to expect.
  • The model name for each piece that your Tasker will be assembling so they can look up the assembly instructions in advance.
  • Specify if any furniture will need to be mounted.
  • Have all the items been delivered? Is your delivery delayed or canceled? 
  • If the scope of the task seems large, let your Tasker know if you have hired an additional Tasker to help.

Lastly, before the task, be sure to place the packages in the room where you need the item assembled, and ensure there’s adequate space for the Tasker to work.

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