Taskrabbit and the DSA

The Digital Services Act (DSA), which entered into force on 16 November 2022, seeks to regulate the obligations and uphold the transparency of digital services providers, including online marketplaces such as Taskrabbit.

We are wholly committed to ensuring the protection of users of our platform. Taskrabbit welcomes the opportunity awarded by the DSA to further demonstrate our commitment to protecting the safety of all users of our marketplace. 

Active monthly users of Taskrabbit

Under Article 24 (2) of the DSA, online platforms are required to publish ‘information on the average monthly active recipients of the service’ in the EU by 17 February 2023, for the purposes of determining whether an online platform is a ‘very large online platform’ (VLOP). A VLOP is defined as a platform which reaches an average of at least 45 million users per month in the EU and, as such, are subject to additional requirements under the DSA. 

The DSA has provided guidance for online platforms on how to calculate the number of ‘average monthly active recipients of the service’, which includes taking into consideration the provided definition of what constitutes an active recipient, excluding non-EU recipients, and ensuring that automatic bots are not counted when making the assessment. 

We have calculated the average monthly active recipients of our marketplace in the EU based on the period 17 August 2022 to 17 February 2023, in accordance with Recital 77 of the DSA. We have calculated that the average number of monthly active recipients of our marketplace in the EU during this period was well below the 45 million user threshold to constitute a VLOP.

At Taskrabbit, we look forward to continuing our compliance with the DSA in our obligations and will publish updated information later in 2023, in accordance with Article 24 (2).


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