Recent Updates to the IKEA Assembly Category in the UK!

We have updated IKEA product assembly prices to be more accurate, based on feedback from Taskers.

We have a wealth of data that has been shared by Taskers over the years for how long it takes to assemble products. We have now incorporated that information into our pricing models for IKEA Assembly.  Now, the estimated scope of work for IKEA Assembly tasks should more realistically reflect how long the task is predicted to take. You will notice these changes on products such as basic bed frames with no slats–for which assembly time estimates have gone down–and basic chests of drawers–for which assembly time estimates have gone up. These updates were made based on data provided by the Tasker community. 

Prices have been readjusted to ensure they are fair and reflect the time it will take for items to be assembled. Taskers can view the new prices on the IKEA quote page

What is different for Clients:

For Clients, we have standardised fees across the platform. Unlike tasks in the general marketplace, IKEA Assembly tasks did not previously include a Trust and Support fee. This fee supports our Taskrabbit Happiness Pledge, among other things. The service fee that Clients pay is now inclusive of the Trust and Support fee, Taskrabbit service fee, and VAT fee. This means that we are increasing the total service fees for all IKEA tasks from 15% to 27%  inclusive of VAT.

Clients who book IKEA Assembly tasks will be subject to both the service fee and the trust and support fee, consistent with all tasks in general marketplace categories.

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