Fees, Payments, and Cancellation Supplemental Terms

Last updated: November 30, 2023 

THESE FEES, PAYMENTS AND CANCELLATION SUPPLEMENTAL TERMS (“Fees and Payments Terms”) form part of Taskrabbit’s Global Terms of Service (the “Terms”) and apply to each User’s access to and use of the Platform, and the fees and payments associated with such access and use.  Capitalized terms used, but not defined, in these Fees and Payments Terms will have the definitions as set out in the Terms.

A. Task Payment and Other Amounts Owed by the Client.

All amounts owed and/or to be paid by the Client shall be set out in an invoice (“Invoice(s)”), which will include the Task-related fees and Taskrabbit fees, each as described in more detail below in this Section A.  The Client automatically authorizes the PSP to process payment upon the Client’s receipt of confirmation (whether through the Platform or via text or email) that the Task has been completed.  You acknowledge and agree that Taskrabbit may prevent you from booking future Tasks, if any amounts remain outstanding on your account after a Task is complete.  Unless otherwise expressly stated in this Agreement, all fees (including, without limitation, the Task Payment and all Taskrabbit fees) are non-refundable.  

1. Task-related fees.  The Client is responsible for paying the following associated with each Task: 

  • the fee for the Task, at the Tasker’s rates and as agreed-upon by the Client and the Tasker (the “Task Payment”), 
  • any out-of-pocket expenses agreed-upon by the Client and the Tasker and submitted by the Tasker in connection with the Task, 
  • a tip or gratuity, as applicable, which may be added to the Invoice by, or at the direction of, the Client (all of which shall go directly to the Tasker), 
  • taxes or similar charges, as described in Section E below, 
  • a credit card processing fee, as applicable, and
  • taxes or similar charges, as described in Section E below.

2. Taskrabbit fees.  In addition to the amounts owed for the Task as set out in Section A(1) above, Taskrabbit charges, and the Client is responsible for paying, the following fees associated with each Task:

  • the service charge that Taskrabbit assesses to the Client for access to and information regarding Taskers; 
  • the Trust & Support fee that Taskrabbit assesses for customer support, services in support of the Happiness Pledge and other various services; 
  • taxes or similar charges, as described in Section E below; and 
  • applicable cancellation charges (see Section E below for details).

Taskrabbit reserves the right to change its fees at any time and will notify Clients of any fee changes in accordance with Section 17 of the Terms. If you disagree with a Taskrabbit fee change, you may cease using the Platform and terminate the Agreement, at any time, pursuant to Section 7 of the Terms. Taskers have no authority to, and may not, modify all or any part of Taskrabbit’s fees.

B. Amounts Owed by Taskers.

Taskers will be responsible for (1) paying registration fees, if applicable, and (2) repaying to Taskrabbit or the PSP any erroneous payments or other amounts received by the Tasker. 

C. Payment Service Provider (“PSP”).

All amounts owed and/or to be paid by any User must be paid through the PSP.   The Client will be required to provide their payment method details to Taskrabbit and the PSP.  The Tasker will be required to set up an account with the PSP, which requires registration with the PSP, consent to the terms of service of the PSP (the “PSP Services Agreement”), and completion of a vetting process and/or account validation.  Taskrabbit is not a party to any PSP Services Agreement, and has no obligations, responsibility or liability to any Tasker or other party under any PSP Services Agreement.

D. Fraud.

Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, the Client will not be held responsible for transactions that are identified by Taskrabbit as potential or confirmed fraud; provided that the Client did not contribute to or cause (directly or indirectly, in any part) such fraud.  In these instances, a transaction may be declined, frozen or held until investigation is complete.  

E. Sales Tax Collection and Remittance.  

Users of the Platform may be liable for taxes or similar charges (including VAT, if applicable in the country where the Task is performed), which are imposed on the Tasks performed and/or fees paid under the Agreement and must be collected and/or paid.  

In certain jurisdictions, applicable rules require that we collect and/or report tax and/or revenue information about you to applicable tax authorities.  You agree that Taskrabbit may issue, on your behalf, receipts or similar documentation to facilitate accurate tax reporting, and use of your account may be paused until such documentation is provided.

Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, however:

  • Taskers remain fully responsible and liable for, and in charge of, compliance with all tax obligations applicable to the Tasker and the Tasks (including performance thereof), (including, without limitation, filing their tax returns (such as, as applicable, VAT) and paying taxes (such as, as applicable, VAT)) relating to the Tasks performed by them for the benefit of their Clients.  Taskers should consult with their own tax advisors to ensure compliance with applicable tax and reporting requirements.  
  • Taskrabbit is neither responsible nor liable for ensuring Users’ compliance with applicable tax obligations.  Without limitation, Taskrabbit shall not be held responsible for any breach of a Tasker's tax obligations, including (without limitation) that Taskrabbit shall not be held jointly and severally liable for taxes, interest on overdue taxes, or for any penalties or fines that would be owed by the Tasker.  Taskrabbit may (i) request the Tasker to confirm and/or demonstrate that they are up to date with their tax obligations (including social contributions, if applicable); and (ii) deactivate a Tasker’s account or limit their use of or remove the Tasker from the Platform upon (1) a determination from the applicable tax authorities that such Tasker has failed to comply with tax obligations (such as VAT), or (2) if the Tasker is unable or unwilling to confirm and/or demonstrate their compliance with their tax obligations, upon request.

F. Cancellation Fees.

Clients may cancel a Task at any time. However, the Client may be billed a cancellation fee under certain circumstances. Please consult the Cancellation Policy here.

Notwithstanding anything in this Section F (Cancellation Fees) to the contrary: 

  • For Residents of Germany:  If the Client proves that actual damages (especially lost profit) have either not occurred or are substantially less than the cancellation fee, the  Client may have their cancellation fee adjusted accordingly.
  • For Residents of Monaco: Users may only be billed cancellation fee for any cancellation after the Withdrawal Period (as defined in the Terms) has elapsed.

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