How Do I Receive My 1099-K Form?

Eligible Taskers who earned over $20,000 and had more than 200 transactions in 2023, will receive an email from Stripe by mid-January 2024. Emails will be sent out in phases to Taskers starting in November 2023.

The subject line is “Get your Taskrabbit, Inc. 2023 tax forms faster by enabling e-delivery.

Starting in November 2023: Stripe will email you instructions on how to set up a Stripe Express account. You’ll need to create an account to access and download your 1099 tax form.

We strongly suggest opting into paperless delivery (i.e., agree to receive your 1099-K tax form electronically via Stripe Express) to ensure you receive your 1099 quickly. You will need an account to download your 1099-K tax form.

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More information about where you can find your 1099-K Form on Stripe can be found here.

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