What Is a 1099-K Form?

A 1099-K is a tax form used when filing tax returns. The information on a 1099-K helps independent contractors or businesses report their annual income to the IRS as required by law. The 1099-K you receive from Taskrabbit shows how much money you were paid for your performance of tasks via the Taskrabbit platform  in a calendar year from our payment processor Stripe. 

Specifically in box 1a of the 1099-K, the amount shown is the total money received from tasks performed using the Taskrabbit platform, which includes: 

  • Task hourly payouts
  • Expenses 
  • Tips
  • Incentive payouts

As expenses are typically not considered income, you may need to subtract your total expenses from your 1099-K total when filing your taxes. You can find your total expenses by downloading your Transaction History. For specific questions about your taxes we recommend utilizing the services of a certified tax professional. 

This IRS article on understanding the 1099-K form may also be of help. 

Please note – The 1099-K form that you receive from Stripe will only show payouts that occurred on our platform.

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