When Will I get my 1099-K?

Taskrabbit’s payment processor, Stripe, is partnering with Taskrabbit to provide eligible Taskers with both a digital and mailed copy of their individual 1099-K form.

Important Dates:

  • Starting November 2023 - New instructions on setting up a Stripe Express account.
    • Stripe will email you instructions on how to set up a Stripe Express account. You’ll need to create an account to access and download your 1099 tax form. We strongly suggest opting into paperless delivery (i.e., agree to receive your 1099 tax form electronically via Stripe Express) to ensure you receive your 1099 quickly. You will need an account to download your 1099 tax form.
    • If you need to request a new invite link to setup your Stripe Express account to access your tax forms, check out this Stripe article.
  • Before mid-January, 2023 - Confirm your tax information.
    • Confirm your tax information (e.g., name, address, and SSN or EIN) is correct via Stripe Express. This information must match the information provided to Taskrabbit.
  • By January 31, 2024 - Download 1099-K via Stripe Express.
    • Eligible Taskers will be able to download via Stripe if you agreed to paperless delivery.
    • If you don’t receive an email from Stripe or don’t agree to paperless delivery, please allow up to 10 business days for mail delivery.
  • April 15, 2024 - IRS deadline to file individual tax returns. You’ll need your 1099-K tax form to file your taxes.

Reminder: To ensure your 1099-K form is delivered on time and with the correct information, you will need to verify your taxpayer information. Learn more about how to update this information here.

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