Requesting Taskrabbit's Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Taskers are independent contractors and not employees of Taskrabbit. Therefore, Taskers would not use Taskrabbit’s  Employer Identification Number (EIN) when filing their taxes. 

The IRS provides reporting rules that Taskrabbit adheres to. If you are eligible to receive a 1099-K for the work you’ve performed via the Taskrabbit platform, Stripe will generate a 1099-K for you. There is no need to create your own 1099-K for the work you’ve performed via the Taskrabbit platform. Any such 1099-K generated by Stripe will include the Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) you’ve provided in your Taskrabbit account information, not Taskrabbit’s Employer Identification Number. 

For more information about filing taxes as an independent contractor visit our Tasker Tax Center. For specific questions about your taxes, we recommend utilizing the services of a certified tax professional.

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