Holiday Help Guide

Looking for a little holiday help? Taskrabbit can get the job done! Just search for the task you need completed on our homepage and get matched with experienced Taskers in your area.

What holiday to-do would you like help with? 

Here’s a guide to help you find the right category for your task:

Holiday Light Installation → Hire a Tasker in the “Yard Work” category

Holiday Decor Home Decoration -> Hire a Tasker in the “Decorations” category

Gift or Toy Assembly → Hire a Tasker in the “Furniture Assembly” category

Gift Wrapping → Hire a Tasker in the “Executive Assistant” or "Personal Assistant" category

Tree Delivery → Hire a Tasker in the “Moving Help” category

Tree Removal → Hire a Tasker in the “Trash & Furniture Removal” category

Christmas Tree Setup → Hire a Tasker in the “Heavy Lifting & Loading” category

Regardless of the task, Taskers have got you covered! Reach out to our Support Team with any additional questions on how to find the right Tasker for your Holiday to-dos! 

For more information on how to hire a Tasker, check out this article.

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